Monday, February 10, 2014

by John Suchet

He is considered the greatest composer that ever lived. His symphonies, piano concertos, string quartets, and piano sonatas continue to enthrall people all over the world one hundred eighty-six years after his death. Though his music is familiar, not so his life. Until now.
Ludwig van Beethoven had a difficult childhood. His father, Johann, was a perpetual drunk (alcohol was a substance than ran freely in the Beethoven family). What saved Beethoven was his musical prowess. He began studying the piano at age seven and in no time was a prodigy. He started composing within a few years. Soon enough Beethoven's music was being hailed to great acclaim. 
Author John Suchet is a well-known authority on Beethoven. He is a classical radio host in Great Britain and certainly knows how to write a great biography.
To understand Beethoven's life, you have to listen to his music. That is his autobiography.
What a tremendous book. The details are fascinating especially how he came to write every one of his compositions. If you love Beethoven and want to learn more about what made him tick, this is a must read.
Very highly recommended.