Wednesday, July 7, 2010

by Clarence Thomas

"Play the hand that you're dealt." "Any job worth doing is worth doing right." These words of wisdom would forever remain fixed in the mind of Clarence Thomas and he would strive to adhere to them his entire life.
Thomas was born in Pinpoint, Georgia and lived in dire poverty (the house was a shanty with no electricity) until he was seven. He and his brother were then sent to Savannah and raised by their grandparents. Myers Anderson (his mother's father) was a very proud man with a strong work ethic who was determined to mold the two boys in his own image. He was Daddy to Thomas as his own father was nonexistent. His grandmother was Aunt Tina who created a loving home for them.
These two people would be his greatest influences as he grew up.
My Grandfather's Son is a tribute to Clarence's grandfather, his hero, who made him the man that he is today. Thomas writes honestly and openly about his life. What is really interesting is how his ideology changed and how much of an individual he is.
I found this book to be awe-inspiring. Clarence Thomas has grit, determination, courage, ambition and integrity.
Highly recommended.