Thursday, September 13, 2012

by Edward Klein

He always had dreams of grandeur, that he was better than anybody else and could accomplish whatever he set out to do. The only job he ever really had was as a Lecturer at the Chicago Law School. It was here that he wrote his autobiography (he hadn't even done anything worthwhile) when he was thirty years old. He may have been popular with the students but not so with the faculty who never saw him and considered him distant and aloof. In 1996, he was elected to the Illinois Senate and was always absent because, again, he was never there. This wasn't enough for him. He wanted to go to the top and become the president of the United States.
In The Amateur, Edward Klein exposes the dark side of Barack Obama that his advisors have tried to hide. What is revealed is arrogance, narcissism, vanity, and egotism who doesn't have a clue as to what he is doing. He has no leadership skills, doesn't know how to manage, doesn't learn from his mistakes, blames all of his problems on others (especially when they disagree with him) and is surrounded by useless, inept "mentors" who also know nothing. Obama is against capitalism and wants to turn America into a European socialist-welfare state.
Almost two hundred people were interviewed for this book and many of these people have known Obama for over twenty years. Some are positive and some are negative but they all agree that he is not suited to be the commander in chief.
You will read about how Bill Clinton despises Obama (he is the one who coined the title "The Amateur"), saying how incompetent he is; what happened between Reverend Jeremiah Wright (he was offered money to keep his mouth shut) and Obama; how so many high-ranking supporters donated money to Obama's campaign and then he snubbed them refusing to have anything to do with them; the split between the Kennedys; his disastrous role in foreign policy; the powers of Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarrett (she is the gate-keeper) in the White House; etc.
The book is a fast and disturbing read. Every chapter has an interesting, quote, phrase or saying that is appropriate to the subject. There are color photographs.
If you already know what this guy is like, you probably don't need to read this book. If you're the least bit curious, dive in. It may change your beliefs or maybe not. It's definitely eye-opening and extremely revealing.