Tuesday, June 24, 2008

by Scott Gold

According to the American Meat Institute, Americans consume 218.3 pounds of beef, chicken, turkey, and pork per person annually.
Human beings, though, are not really carnivores. We are omnivores, which means that our bodies and digestive tracts can process all kinds of foods, including meat.
In The Shameless Carnivore, Scott Gold attempted to eat 31 different meats in 31 days. He made up a list and brought it to his favorite butcher in Brooklyn. Whatever could not be purchased at this shop, Scott bought at www.exoticmeats.com.
Between squirrel hunting in Louisiana; attending the Testicle Festival in Missoula, Montana; Gold's cooking experiences in his friends' kitchens (he does not have an oven in his apartment); becoming a vegetarian for one week makes for one entertaining read.
There's recipes, a guide to cooking steak, descriptions of primal cuts, grass-fed vs. grain-fed cattle and all other sorts of interesting tidbits.
The author has a great sense of humor and his foraging adventures are absolutely hilarious.
Check out www.theshamelesscarnivore.com for even more fun-filled stuff.
I totally enjoyed the book and recommend it to anyone who is passionate about meat.