Sunday, November 1, 2009

by Nancy Bachrach

While living in Paris and working in advertising (selling antiperspirant to the French) Nancy Bachrach receives a telephone call from her brother. The news is not good. In fact, it's awful.
Their parents have been in an accident while on their boat. Mort is dead and Lola is in a coma.
Nancy is told to prepare for a double funeral.
Paris is now left behind as the three siblings converge, back in Providence,R.I., and decide what is to be done next.
The Center of the Universe is one hell of a ride. What a family saga!
Mort was a repairman who screwed up everything he touched. (The name of the cabin cruiser was Mr. Fix It.)
Lola was considered a genius, but was bi-polar.
All three children have inherited intelligence. Nancy, the oldest, started writing at a very young age. She has a doctorate in philosophy.
Ben, the middle child, is a piano prodigy born with three thumbs. He is a pulmonologist.
Helen, known as the wild one, is an abnormal psychologist.
This book absolutely blew me away. Nancy Bachrach is quite a wordsmith. In no time, you are enveloped and completely wrapped up in the story.
It's dark, humorous, compelling and just downright terrific.
Highly recommended.