Sunday, November 21, 2010

by Devra Davis

There are five billion cell phone users in the world half of which are under the age of twenty-five. What an incredible gadget! You can listen to music, talk to anyone, anywhere, send text, photos, videos, get results from sporting events, etc. But, there is a major problem: they are not safe and have never been tested for safety. Cell phones emit microwave radiation. They can damage DNA (completely unraveled), increase memory loss, cancer and neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's. Children are especially vulnerable because their brains are smaller than adults and their skulls are thinner which means that exposures to radiation can be absorbed much faster and more deeply.
Standards for cell phones, today, date back to 1993 when a hypothetical model named SAM (Standard Anthropomorphic Man) was used. SAM was six foot two inches, weighed more than two hundred pounds and had an eleven-pound head. Certainly, not your average guy. He only spoke on the cell phone for six minutes. Beyond this time, the tissues inside the brain start to heat up.
Dr. Davis, an epidemiologist, writes about how the industry suppressed earlier studies of scientists (back in the 1970s), who discovered devastating results of how cell phone radiation damages human cells. For many, it cost them their careers. The data is both disturbing and frightening.
You read about some people that survived brain tumors and others that were not so lucky.
Just about every country, except the United States, is on top of this issue by testing to reduce the amount of radiation absorption. Many of them ban the use of cell phones by children.
At the end of the book is an appendix advising people how to keep themselves and their family safe from cell phone use:
Do not keep a phone turned on next to your body all day. (Check out the manual for your cell phone. There are warnings to keep the phone away from the body.)
When texting (don't dare do this while driving) place phone on a book so it can be used as a barrier.
Don't use your phone in a train, car, or an elevator. Because the area is confined in metal, microwaves radiate out in all directions.
Turn off phone when not in use.
Only use phone for emergencies. (The six minutes still applies.)
Use a landline at home and not a cordless phone as this emits the same radiation as that of cell phones.
Disconnect is a book for everyone to read who owns a cell phone. If you're still skeptical or just want more information, check out the author's website at:
Strongly recommended.